Because of short distance used, we use Birdieballs, foam, and wiffle balls.

You will need to purchase to keep the following, available at the Meetup games:   At least 3 Birdieballs that’s of a color other than its standard green logo color and at least one foam ball or wiffle ball of color other than white or orange.  Birdieballs are $2.50 each, discounted from their standard $4.00 unit price.  These are short distance balls not available at the stores.  If using a driver, you’ll need a special tee– $5.00.   Foam ball–$1 each.

These balls are for yours to keep and practice AirGolfer or Golf with.

Birdie balls are the best short distance golf balls and foam balls are OK for short distance golf, so your practices will help your regular golf game.   But why bother paying the $35 regular golf course fee, when AirGolfers (TM) is convenient, challenging, fun, and inexpensive.